The group exhibition Every Picture Tells A Story aims to bring to light the renewed passion for painting among an expanding group of artists. Fifteen artists are presented, who initially seem to have little in common. They differ in style, intention, age and background. Nonetheless, they are united in their quest for a reformulation of the basic principles of painting. No matter how autonomous, how abstract or indeed figurative: each work presents views and opinions on the importance of the unique gesture, the emphasis on the physical experience, the potential of craftsmanship, the power of virtuosity. The painters rarely still see their work as part of a movement, development or group. They don’t regard it as specifically ’Rotterdam-style’, Dutch, ’abstract’ or ’expressionist’ painting. Rather, they seem to consider it their individual obligation to return the painting to a position of freedom and independence; and where it can function unencumbered by social, political and art-historical ballast. The fundamentals of painting are of primary importance: craftsmanship, authenticity, virtuosity.