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On Sunday 26 May 2019, TENT opens ‘An Invitation to DANCE’, a film installation made by film-maker Noud Heerkens and choreographer Loïc Perela. The work, presented as part of the Dansateliers’ 25th anniversary, results from an investigation into the cinematic experience of dance. In a converted dance arena at TENT, this work combines dance, cinema, and technology, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the world of dancers on the canvas. Martine Dekker, director of CINEDANS, opens the installation.

Bekijk hier de trailer van: An Invitation to Dance

TENT Welcomes
TENT Welcomes guest programme began in 2017 and offers space for temporary initiatives at TENT Rotterdam.

Film-maker Noud Heerkens. Choreographer Loic Perela. Dancers Lisa Kasman, Pauline Briguet, Christiaan De Donder, Fabian Holle, Quentin Roger. Cinematography Richard van Oosterhout. Software design Rob Duyser. Sounddesign Jos Meijers. Production Picos de Europa with Danceateliers, Cinedans, V2_Lab, Avans Caradt. Supported by Fonds 21, CBK Rotterdam, Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht, Gemeente Rotterdam, Municipality of Rotterdam, AKV | St Joost, TENT, and all donors