In conversation with Anke Bangma, TENT’s artistic director, the artists elaborate on the methodologies, terminologies, and economies specific to their artistic practices. Referencing excerpts of sound and image and materials brought by the artists, the conversation explores affinities and areas of interest common to Rana Hamadeh and Katarina Zdjelar. Aligning their practices offers new perspectives on their work by highlighting sensibilities and surfacing the meaning of specific details.

Katarina Zdjelar
The videos of Katarina Zdjelar are based on an equal dialogue between moving images and sound. Since the performers in her work often undergo a process of training or exercise, she reveals how this need to adapt or comply articulates cultural and social connotations. In this way, Zdjelar focuses on the functioning of language in relation to themes such as identity, authority, and community.

Rana Hamadeh
Develops long-term research projects that lead her audience trhough the infrastructures of justice, militarism, histories of sanitation and theatre. Spanning performances stage-sets, cartographic works and writings, her work brings together a diversity of histories, geographies and fictions. In TENT she will present a part of her ongoing project Alien Encounters, in which she thinks through state-sponsored forms of violence and the legal apparatuses that enable them.

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Friday 9 February from 18 hrs: public Award Ceremony in TENT.
The Dolf Henkes Award 2016 exhibition is on show until 19 February.

Spoken language: English