Noud Heerkens & Loïc Perela

‘An Invitation to DANCE’ has no environment, no notion of time. There are five bodies, amplified through the beat of the music, all caught in the same endlessly repeating impulse. They can’t stop dancing. They form an autonomous world, which follows its own rules. In this dance arena visitors are invited to join the dance.

Driven by the beat, the sequence of images constantly changes due to its underlying software. Yet over the course of the exhibition, the installation at TENT also changed. Heerkens experimented with three different set-ups of his screens, exploring the impact this had on visitors’ experience and response.

The work was presented at TENT as part of the 25th anniversary of Dansateliers, which was Loïc Perela‘s Rotterdam base.

Watch the trailer of ‘An Invitation to Dance’ here.

Dancers: Lisa Kasman, Pauline Briguet, Christiaan De Donder, Fabian Holle, Quentin Roger.
Cinematography: Richard van Oosterhout.
Softwaredesign: Rob Duyser.
Sound design: Jos Meijers
Production: Picos de Europa in collaboration with Dansateliers, Cinedans, V2­­_Lab, Avans Caradt.
Made possible by Fonds 21, CBK Rotterdam, Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht, Gemeente Rotterdam, AKV |St Joost and TENT.


Noud Heerkens & Loïc Perela