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Photo 1-6: New Neapolis in TENT Rotterdam, Gyz La Rivière, courtesy: Aad Hoogendoorn

Gyz La Rivière

With an exhibition, docufiction and an inimitable logic, artist Gyz La Rivière manifests the connections these cities have always shared, with their sailortowns, quays and alleyways; migrants, workers and rascals; poverty, friction and vibrant informal economies; and the frantic attempts to clean up all of this through urban renewal, gentrification and lots of soap. What can we learn from this league of port cities? What forms of kinship and solidarity for a future Europe can arise here? Welcome to New Neapolis, divercity.



Gyz La Rivière (Rotterdam, 1976) is an artist, designer, filmmaker and writer. He approaches his work as an idiosyncratic image archivist, combining images he himself creates with in-depth archival research, objects he finds on the street, loans from collections, infographics, logos, icons and stories. The dazzling Gyzian universe he forges from these diverse sources sharpens our view of the world around us in unexpected ways.

New Neapolis is a collaboration with Museum Rotterdam and WORM music programming.

The film is made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL, CBK Rotterdam, Museum Rotterdam, J.E. Jurriaanse Foundation, Van Eesteren-Fluck & Van Lohuizen Foundation, Municipality of Rotterdam, national institute Sound and Vision, Rotterdam City Archives, Nederlands Fotomuseum and StudioRev.


Gyz La Rivière