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Symposium – Radio as a disembodied performance space
On the first day, the Radio Calling symposium explored radio and the internet as disembodied performance spaces. How can the medium contribute to the production and perception of a work of art?
Curator Huib Haye van der Werf talked about the ‘The Voice of West’ internet project, which functions as web-radio archive for the mapping of local socio-cultural changes.
Artist Ernst Markus Stein introduced DIY Church, an open internet radio project designed as an online sculpture.
Philosopher Marc Schuilenburg gave a lecture on sound that materializes in space.
From London, Jeremy Evans premiered ’The Hyperlogical Mythology of Things Tells Tales of our Ancestors’, a radio adaptation of his performance on the impact of the Internet on the persistence of myths and the way we tell stories.
The symposium was moderated by Catherine van Campen, programme maker for Dutch broadcaster VPRO’s De Avonden.

Masterclass – Making a radio performance
On the second day, Peter Fengler (performer and artistic director of De Player) gave a masterclass on radio performance.

Radio performances
On the final day, a programme of live radio performances was presented and recorded at TENT in front of an audience, with Jonas Lund, Koen Taselaar, Remco Torenbosch and proposals selected through an open call. Sarah Tripp‘s radio work ’24 Stops’, developed at the Camden Arts Centre for City Beats Hospital Radio, could be heard continuously during Radio Calling. From London, Jay Tan presented the radio performance that concluded the programme.

Radio Residencies
Radio Calling also marked the launch of Radio Residencies, a partnership between TENT and Camden Arts Centre. Artists were invited to produce new works that examined the possibilities of live performance and radio broadcast. London-based artist Jeremy Evans and Rotterdam-based artist Jay Tan were the first participants.