03.03.2019 - 07.04.2019

Where does culture happen?

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With their roots in hip-hop and a ‘for us by us’ mentality, various groups of makers and creatives in Rotterdam are building new social and cultural connections. Outside and sometimes in collaboration with institutions, they develop events and ways of working in which they can be themselves and find each other. Through an exhibition, publication, performances, workshops and keen debate, TENT engages with the shifts they impart within today’s cultural landscape.

Guest curator Damoon Foroutanian invited three young makers to zoom in on the club scene and the parallel city of the night. With swirling images from The Scenario and BRF, Steve Sondag and Crystal Doorjé show how many people, who feel unrepresented by the establishment, find their home on the dance floor and the communities around it. At the same time, Charles Mensach uses theatrical installation to explore the mechanisms that, also within this community, open doors for some while keeping others outside.

Tranquillity with Amenti MoveMeant
From a related search for self-development and social connection, dance and movement collective Amenti MoveMeant creates a place for tranquillity at TENT. They stage a ritual space in which you are invited to connect with your senses and let go of fixed patterns of behaviour, getting you to relate on a different level to yourself and your surrounding. They also offer a series of workshops on Sunday mornings at TENT. More information soon.

Publication and book launch event
In addition to the exhibition, a publication was developed in which makers from Rotterdam and London provide answers, both in text and image, to the question: ‘Where does culture happen?’ They shine light on the collective places and moments where the culture they regard as their ‘own’ emerges and is experienced and shared. They describe the living room, the dance floor, the ritual funeral, the night shop, and the street as places where culture nestles and develops. Some reflect on this question in relation to their own practice, describing how the culture therein is not static but shifts, mixes and re-forms. Others focus on creating collective spaces of togetherness or a feeling of being alientated from the dominant culture. The Where does culture happen? publication offers more than a common answer to a question; it is a conversation between makers who claim space and make room for sharing and advancing their cultural practices and those outside of or moving in between the cultural infrastructure of institutions.

The publication includes contributions from Victoria Aquino, Araba Banson, Ivan Barbosa, Dean Bowen, Alida Dors, Afaina de Jong, Hannah Kemp-Welch, Charl Landvreugd, Ishmael Lartey, Cedar Lewisohn, Hamed Maiye, Abondance Matanda, Malique Mohamud, Amenti Movemeant, Hélène Christelle Munganyende, Sheray Rozenstein, Stacii Samidin, Touching Bass

On Saturday 23 March there will be a book launch event. An afternoon of cultural criticism, performances, workshops, film and music from Dean Bowen, Sheray Rozenstein and Hannah Kemp-Welch, among others. Curated by TENT and Tate Modern’s Young People’s Programmes. More information soon.