A Tapestry of a Diaspora - TENT Rotterdam | Platform voor hedendaagse kunst A Tapestry of a Diaspora - TENT Rotterdam | Platform voor hedendaagse kunst

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A Tapestry of a Diaspora

Together with partners and guests from different diaspora’s, Gyonne Goedhoop and Combined Impact unravel how each of them deals with the resilience required when navigating the social texture of Dutch society.

This conversation series centres voices of young people from different diasporas in the Netherlands. Programme maker Gyonne Goedhoop, podcast platform Combined Impact and programme collaborators ciMENA, KLAUW, Beyond Walls, and Productiehuis WOSU illustrate current themes within varied diasporic experiences. ‘A Tapestry of a Diaspora’ envisions the various diasporas, which are part of minority-majority cities such as Rotterdam, as an interwoven tapestry of different treads. Each thread, each individual diaspora, consists of multiple threads in turn. This layered societal texture is full of disparities. Having to navigate this daily reality requires a constant exertion of resilience and adaptability. These conversations hone in on this resilience. What are the most important notions of resilience within the different diasporas? Which historical factors have shaped them? How do personal experiences intersect with national borders? What are the thought patterns that we have inherited from our ancestors, which we rely on to this day or try to steer away from? How do we keep our joy as an everyday fundament intact?