This event brings together agents from the cultural scene of Rotterdam who have challenged and circumvented the problematic relationship between self-governance and the law. What can we learn from their experiences in resisting existing policies of cultural production? Can their pragmatic examples feed our thinking about forms of ‘co-autonomy’ (instead of co-optation) within the cultural infrastructure of the city? Guests are Frederic Van de Velde from WORM Pirate Bay Archive, Maurice Specht and Joke van der Zwaard from De Leeszaal, Kamiel Verschuren from The NAC Foundation, and Annet van Otterloo from Stichting Freehouse

This collective discussion is part of the current Rotterdam Cultural Histories presentation at TENT, and organised by The Temporary Autonomous Bureau, a temporary collective formed by inhabitants of the Poortgebouw, a living community and cultural platform in a former squat, and students from the Experimental Publishing Master Programme at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.

Access: Free
Language: English
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