TENT welcomes The Master of Education in Arts of the Piet Zwart Institute for their 2017 graduation show. Titled Act Otherwise, the research and graduation projects of seven students will be presented to the public, taking shape as seven different attitudes towards contemporary issues at stake in education.

Together the students address the question: How to Act Otherwise? The graduation projects are interconnected with and referencing each other, reflecting the research of their learning community, exploring the possibilities of alternative pedagogical views and approaches. In doing so, the presentation discloses different contexts, social, pedagogical aspects and present-day challenges in art and design education, in which the students are embedded.

Graduating students: Janneke Baken, Ilse Leenders, Marina Martinez Garcia, Shailoh Phillips, Annemarie Piscaer, Sebastian Schneiders and Robin Vermeulen.
Curator: Irina Shapiro in cooperation with Gulia Consenza and Albert Takashi Richters (spatial design) and Dennis van Gaalen (graphic design).
Production: Susana Pedrosa.

In conjunction with the presentation in TENT, an extra programme of workshops and events will be presented at V2 on Saturday afternoon the 8th of July.
For more information please visit www.pzwart.nl/master-education-in-arts/