22.06.2016 - 20.00H

New Utopians

Rotterdam is perhaps the most diverse city in the Netherlands, and by 2025, it will become more diverse than ever. What does this mean for the city’s future? How does Rotterdam give form to this transformation? The range of diversity is one of the major issues of our time. What are its challenges and solutions? In a world of blurring boundaries, what will the city of the future look like, and what policies should it develop? On Wednesday 22 June at 20:00, artists, writers, and architects, including author Elfie Tromp, architecture collective Cookies and architect Ania Molenda talk about future scenarios for Rotterdam. The evening is moderated by independent curator Christine de Baan and Elfie Tromp and collective Urland will give a performance. The event takes place as part of the Utopian Dreams group exhibition, curated by Reyn van der Lugt, which features artists’ extraordinary plans and dreams for Rotterdam.  

Elfie Tromp studied psychology and playwriting. Since her first book, Guru (2013), she is often invited as a columnist, playwright/producer, and presenter. She writes regularly for Metro. Her second novel, Underdog (2015), was nominated for the BNG Literature Prize.

was founded in 2015 by Antonio Barone, Alice Grégoire, Federico Martelli, and Clément Périssé. The four designers came to Rotterdam via their work for OMA, and they are particularly
interested in the interface of architecture, technology, and art.

Ania Molenda is an architect, researcher and curator based in Rotterdam. She works within the field of architecture and its peripheries, operating between theory, practice and different media. She has worked as a researcher and teacher at The Why Factory (TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture) as well as a freelance designer at MVRDV, Powerhouse Company and SVESMI.

Performance collective URLAND was founded in 2010 at the Theatre Academy of Maastricht. This group, all in their twenties, is inspired by techno and deathmetal as well as by the great, epic stories from the world literature. They introduce lasers, foam machines and Gabbers into theatre and sample their own canon with the beat as their engine.

The evening is organised in collaboration with AIR (Architectuur Instituut Rotterdam) and Rotterdam Viert de Stad!

Spoken language: English

This program is part of Rotterdam viert de stad!. For the complete overview, check www.rotterdamviertdestad.nl.