Interactive tour
Central to the exhibition is Esma Yiğitoğlu (1944-2009), a Turkey born artist, who died in Rotterdam. As TENT is an exhibition space for contemporary art and Esma Yiğitoğlu is not exactly a contemporary artist, this exhibition taking place during the Bel’s Kitchen project stands out. Despite not being a contemporary artist, her work remains relevant and continues to spark discussions. Questions such as ‘Can an artwork tell you where the artist who made it is from?’ and ‘Is it an advantage having grown up in two cultures?’ will be considered.
The students will also visit the solo-exhibition of Anouk Griffioen. This artist from Rotterdam makes dreamy charcoal drawings of plants, animals and people. Colossal and extremely detailed, it’s hardly believable that they’re been made by just one person.

Workshop Bel’s Kitchen
During this interactive workshop Maarten Bel establishes a relationship between cooking and the making of art. The material clay is paramount in the workshop.  Inspired by TV shows such as Masterchef and ‘Heel Holland Bakt’, Bel takes the students through the process of making art, stimulating the imagination in a playful manner.  Attention is given to the balancing of ingredients and the putting of love into your creation, just like with cooking.

Duration: 2 hours
Costs: €150,-  for a group of max. 15 students
For more information and booking please contact Judith Vorwerk,

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