Groepstentoonstelling met: Jasper Niens, Brian Elstak, Antonio Jose Guzman, Rasheed Vlijter, Sandim Mendes, Kevin Osepa, Mickael Martins & Caroline Escaffre, Sara Nuytemans, Dorota Grabkowska .

On Friday 28 September, TENT presents a double exclusive: the opening of the exhibition ‘Who do you think you are?’ initiated by Rotterdam singer-songwriter Sabrina Starke, and the very first showcase of her brand new album ‘Underneath the Surface’. The exhibition features works by nine artists, seven of who are creating new artworks especially for the show. During the exhibition, TENT is presenting an exciting range of cross-disciplinary public programmes. The central theme of which is the many dimensions of identity. The programme aims to provide a positive stimulus into the search for new definitions of identity.

In her sixth and latest album, ‘Underneath the Surface’, Starke takes us on a personal journey through the layers of her own identity. As she explains: ‘On my album, I wanted to share my search, and the desire arose to take this exploration beyond who I am. I wanted to create a setting where I can continue this exploration with my audience.’ Her journey isn’t just about finding answers; for Starke, the emphasis is most definitely on the search. ‘Let’s embrace everything that we discover and encounter.’ In developing the exhibition, Starke worked closely with the advisor, artist, and curator Charl Landvreugd.

Artist Jasper Niens’ impressive Under the Mango Tree installation is specially made for this exhibition. It is a pavilion that provides a meeting place for the public programme and the community. “Under the Mango Tree is inspired by the mango trees under which communities in Africa come together to share their stories with one another. A holistic and spiritual setting where everyone is welcome”, the singer enthusiastically explains. “It is a safe space, where stories, thoughts, and visions are shared.” The pavilion’s dome embraces the public and offers security through its circular forms. It is a technical masterpiece built using a unique system of steel and wood that Niens has been developing for two years and is now applying for the first time.

In addition to Niens, there are also other artists, such as Brian Elstak, who takes inspiration from hip-hop culture and comics. He uses his pencil as a weapon and depicts an alternative universe to which the younger generation can identify. Dutch-Panamanian audio-visual artist Antonio Su Guzman presents The Supreme Exodus, which combines images of Latin-American migration and demonstrations with graphic representations of his DNA. Starke is also providing a platform for young talents such as Rasheed Vlijter, Sandim Mendes, and Kevin Osepa. In the video installation Santos, Osepa contrasts contemporary life with the spiritual world. The public can also dream away in the clouds of design duo Mickael Martins & Caroline Escaffre, or savour a new installation about self-healing powers by Sara Nuytemans. With the work of Dorotha Grabkowska named “What made me”, participants can share emotions, thoughts and inspiration.

Public programme and education projects
In collaboration with writer Christine Otten and the organisations Concrete Blossom, Music Matters, HipHopHuis Rotterdam, and Right About Now INC. Sabrina Starke programmes a series of five inspiring events to which music, literature, dance, and discussion are central.  The next generation of creatives is invited to experience how other artists draw inspiration from their different backgrounds and cultures. Starke is personally involved in every event and closes each one with an acoustic performance. There is also a broad offering of activities for young people, and Starke is also organising children’s concerts especially for five to eleven-year-olds. In collaboration with Gery Mendes, TENT is developing a performance workshop on identity for primary education. For students of the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, and the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, TENT provides an in-depth study of the exhibition’s themes.

‘Who do you think you are?’ is an initiative by Sabrina Starke and realised in collaboration with TENT and Charl Landvreugd. This project is made possible by Arminius, the Mondriaan Fund, CBK-Rotterdam, Rotterdam Festivals and The Art of Impact.