Elfie Tromp

Slogans for Rotterdam was part of the exhibition Utopian Dreams. Tromp occupied a desk in the exhibition to work in-situ, writing her future and new slogans together with her guests. The new slogans were compiled and presented as part of the exhibition and digitally distributed through TENT’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Douglas Copeland
Slogans for Rotterdam was inspired by ‘Slogans for the 21st Century’, an ongoing project by Canadian writer and artist Douglas Copeland. In a growing collection of statements, he tries to isolate twenty-first-century attitudes from those of the twentieth. Copeland was the first to contribute a ‘Slogan for Rotterdam’, to mark the kick-off of the project.

Under the title Futurosity, Douglas Copeland was ‘artist in focus’ of Kunstblock – a collaboration between the art institutions of Rotterdam’s Witte de Withstraat: TENT, CBK Rotterdam, MAMA, WORM, V2_  and Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art. Copeland’s first novel, Generation X, gained him an overnight reputation as a visionary of our future. Futurosity was concluded with the Futurosity Summit, a symposium with Coupland analysing the human relationship to the concept of ‘future’.

Futurosity was part of Rotterdam viert de stad! and supported by Gemeente Rotterdam and The Art of Impact.


Elfie Tromp