A process of alchemy is happening in Rotterdam: waste is being transformed back into raw materials, re-routed from landfill and back into our ever more productive economy. The dream: a perfect, never-ending, closed loop. To dive deeper into local initiatives, we visit waste-to-product company Renewi. Renewi focuses on getting value from waste rather than burning or landfilling waste.

To keep you well-fueled on this expedition through the city, Honey and Antonio will prepare a packed lunch with ingredients from selected farmers, makers and producers in the area of Rotterdam. As a participant you will learn where everything comes from, and find out where everything goes. How do non-edible elements of a packed lunch end up re-entering our society in new, raw form? 

Location — Departure at TENT at 09:30hr
Language — English & Dutch
Ticket — €5,- (incl. lunch)
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We will travel by public transportation between the different locations of the tour.

This afternoon is part of an event series connected to our exhibition Sustaining Small Acts. With these programmes, we aim to explore ways in which you can become more engaged with sustainable networks around you. Each event is developed by a Rotterdam-based artist.