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Photos courtesy of Forêt Atelier

Tiengemeten is the smallest inhabited island in the Netherlands and has only six inhabitants. The thousand or so acres in the Haringvliet estuary had an agricultural function for centuries, but was ‘returned’ to nature in 2007. Those who let nature take its course, can count on the law of the fittest. Thus, the Canadian goldenrod seized its chance, and has been coloring the island yellow every August for decades as a result.

Despite a dismissive attitude from locals, the plant does have several good qualities. During an artist residency in 2018, Maidie already researched the Canadian Goldenrod and found that the exotic is suitable to use for dyeing, is highly fragrant and has positive effects on the kidneys, among other things. This August, her research focuses specifically on how the plant species can be used as a dye and how the exotic can be distilled into healing syrup or tea.

During the tour around the island, Maidie explains the various uses of goldenrod and the unique ecosystem of Tiengemeten. By bike we visit the three parts into which Tiengemeten is divided: melancholy, abundance and wilderness. Or in technical terms: cultural history, swamp landscape, guided-natural freshwater tidal area.

Locatie — Gathering at 10:15 hr at TENT, departure at 10:30 hr from TENT by private bus
Taal — English or Dutch
Ticket* — €10,- (incl. transportation to and from Tiengemeten, lunch, tour, a bicycle and workshop(s))

Gathering at 10:15 am at TENT, the bus leaves at 10:30 am from TENT to the ferry port in Nieuwendijk, where we take the 12:00 pm ferry Tiengemeten. Upon arrival, an organic lunch awaits us. After lunch the tour by bike around the island will start. At 5 p.m. the ferry to the mainland will leave. We expect to be back in Rotterdam around 6 to 6:30 p.m.

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Please note that there are no stores on Tiengemeten, so bring some snacks and drinks in addition to the included lunch.

This day is part of an event series connected to our exhibition Sustaining Small Acts. With these programmes, we aim to explore ways in which you can become more engaged with sustainable networks around you. Each event is developed by a Rotterdam-based artist.