27.10.2017 - 19.00 - 20.00H

Holographic Futures

In response to recent plans for a LGBTQ+ monument and meeting place in the public space in Rotterdam, Rory Pilgrim is creating a new performance piece. Together with the LGBTQ+ community of Rotterdam, Pilgrim researches the ways to create a place that is representative of this diverse group of people. The internet has become a platform for the LGBTQ+ group to share experiences, but Pilgrim is specifically interested in the ways in which physical space continues to play a part. The rainbow – a metaphor for inclusivity, diversity and hope – serves as a starting point for the performance, wich includes music, poetry and movement, and wonders what the LGBTQ+ community of the future will look like.

Rory Pilgrim approaches universal themes based on the principle that ‘the personal is political’. He collaborates with a great variety of people. In our age, which is rapidly changing due to digital technology, Pilgrim is interested in the ways in which people come together to express their opinions and to fight for social equality and justice. Using performances, slogans and self-composed music as his weapons, he strives to reappraise terms that have been hollowed out, like love, freedom, safety and solidarity.

Holographic Futures was made possible by Beeldende Kunst en Openbare Ruimte (‘Visual arts and Public Space’), a programme by CBK Rotterdam.