Programme opening Friday 2 December
19:00 pm Walk-in
19.15 pm Word of welcome by Anke Bangma (artistic leader), Linnea Semmerling (curator) and Katayoun Arian (curator)
19.30 pm Performance Dollhouse Dreaming by Clementine Edwards
19.45 pm Performance Siren by Serene Hui & Remigijus Kazukauskas
20-22.00 pm Exhibitions open
DJ Richelle Soigni

There is no party so noisy as the one you’re not invited to
With: Gilles Aubry, Concrete Blossom, Angeliki Diakrousi, Effi & Amir, Serene Hui, Cengiz Mengüç, Santiago Pinyol, samengesteld door Linnea Semmerling.

Quiet sounds can be profoundly disturbing, yet loud noises can be very comforting. These experiences are not only due to the sounds but also our attitudes towards them. Physical abilities, personal experiences, social contexts, cultural conventions, and political choices can influence these attitudes toward sound. Together with artists, musicians, and activists, curator Linnea Semmerling investigated how such attitudes influence Rotterdam’s soundscape.

Material Memory
With: Tuan Andrew Nguyen, Cihad Caner, Hannah Dawn Henderson, Clementine Edwards, Kari Robertson, samengesteld door Katayoun Arian.

Material Memory is a group exhibition that traces the mechanisms of memory in the tangible, material world. The exhibition echoes the perception that all matter – be it objects, water, human- and non-human beings, or buildings – contains traces of past encounters with other sentient and non-sentient matter.

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Free admission