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Close-up of a beetle gallery on a piece of wood, making patterns that remind us of Thea Ekström's magical signs drawings. 

A chance encounter, a deathbed scene, and an attempt to write a eulogy for a stranger. In this lecture performance, Lucie Gottlieb and Rosa Paardenkooper from Mourning School invite you to take part in an ongoing conversation on the different ways we organise the last moments of living and the first after dying. Starting from an unexpected meeting with the deceased Swedish artist Thea Ekström, they tell stories of loss and remembrance, life and afterlife, and share new and old practices of grieving and mourning. The conversation moves freely and sometimes haphazardly between research notes, music, art, actual and imagined experiences, resembling private moments of working collaboratively whilst cooking, cleaning, and online shopping.

‘Thea – on eulogies pt.II’ is the second iteration in a series of on- and offline lecture performances and mixtapes on our changing proximity to death, acts of remembrance, and practices of eulogizing developed by Mourning School.

About Mourning School
Mourning School is an artistic study programme on the notion of being in grief, as the stuff of our everyday, initiated by Lucie Gottlieb and Rosa Paardenkoper.

Language: English
Location: Zoom, register via ticket link and receive the Zoom link from us via email.