During this evening, we explore the relationship between “food as public good” and “food as medicine”: two perspectives on food that can serve as the basis for a new food system in which the public interest and the health of people and the earth are paramount. During the workshops, we translate that plea into culinary knowledge, and participants cook dishes together to take home.   

Participants will cook three meals in three hours in a professional kitchen with a chef. Vegetables take the leading role in these meals. The evening is about the exchange of culinary knowledge and practical food skills. Meanwhile, Zuzanne Zielińska (HarvestCare) gives an in-depth lecture on the themes above. Floris Visser (founder of Public Food and initiator Volkskantine) talks about the relationship between food justice, health, sustainability and class struggle. 

The evening on August 24th is about nutrition and female hormone balance. Would you like to be added to the reserve list? Shoot  Esther an email. Another (separate) evening took place on June 22 and focusses on nutrition and mental health (click here to view event).

Location — De Hillevliet (Hillevliet 90, 3074 KD Rotterdam)
Language — English
Ticket — €5,-
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This evening is part of an event series connected to our exhibition Sustaining Small Acts. With these programmes, we aim to explore ways in which you can become more engaged with sustainable networks around you. Each event is developed by a Rotterdam-based artist.

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About Volkskantine
Volkskantine is a new basic facility for affordable good food. Similar to public transportation, public social housing or the library, its mission is to make healthy and sustainable the easiest and most affordable choice. In May 2023, De Volkskantine opened its doors at De Hillevliet, located in Rotterdam Zuid. 

About HarvestCare
HarvestCare, an Amsterdam-based organisation, strives for a world where food and healthcare are intricately linked; governments and healthcare professionals understand this link clearly and regularly include healthy, nutrient-dense food in health incentives and health interventions. Harvest Care leverages regenerative agriculture to provide food-as-medicine to European society. In the process, they aim to play a role in the integration of the healthcare system and the food system.