This book brings together seven years of work. Negotiating the borderline between drawing and performative writing, Van den Assem engages in a dialogue with the abrasive, mutable thought of Nietzsche in order to gauge our daily life with all of its duties, conventions and contradictions. With ink, pencil, blade and staple gun, using her hand as a seismograph, Van den Assem follows her thoughts in motion until they play out or burst at the seams. Printed on transparent paper, the resulting relentless stream of images remains fluid even in book form. 

‘awareness of semblance’ is also a solo show, currently on view at TENT. In this exhibition, the performative side of Van den Assem’s practice, where thinking is an embodied act, is given free rein.  

Mirjam Westen is curator contemporary art at Museum Arnhem, where she made international thematic exhibitions such as rebelle. Art & feminism 1969-2009 and Female Power. 

Florette Dijkstra is a visual artist and writer, and part of the programme team of artist’s initiative Club Solo in Breda. She contributed a text to Van den Assem’s awareness of semblance.

Language: NL
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