14.06.2019 - 19.00-20.00H

BirdBecomeBird & Solo Acoustic Performance

Join us Fridaynight during Kunstblock for a very special performance at TENT. Suzanne Walsh and Janneke van der Putten during two vocal performances, who each stretch the boundaries of the human voice.

Questioning the human-animal divide is a reoccuring theme in Suzanne Walsh’practice, which encompassed writing, music and visual art. Her vocal performance BirdBecomceBird, commits to the idea that music trecends species boundraries and reframes the bird song as a form of vocalisation and music making. Starting with a sequence of looping, improvised singing, and with musical phrases, the piece crescendoes to a cacophony of nonhumans voices , eventually filling the space with cries and cackles.

Artist van der Putten uses her voice as an instrument in order to physically, sonically and intuitively explore different environments. Solo Acoustic Performance is a demanding durational piece that challenges the limits of the singing body.

This event is part of the exhibition Post-Opera at TENT.
Free admission.

Suzanne Walsh’s participation is supported by Culture Ireland