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1: Kenneth Owens. 2-5: Prins de Vos.

On Saturday, October 9, the Rotterdam-based producers Animistic Beliefs (Marvin Lalihatu and Linh Luu) and media artist Jeisson Drenth will host two exclusive live, meditative listening sessions at TENT. In addition to – and part of – their audiovisual installation CACHE/SPIRIT, the one-off listening sessions on October 9 will start at 2 pm and 4 pm inside the exhibition space. Don’t miss it, book your tickets on time!

The artists’ collaborative and ongoing project CACHE/SPIRIT departs from locally situated questions around heritage and displacement, ancestral wounds, and subjectivity in the digital age. The installation synthesizes a blend of immersive vocabularies, sounds, and modes of listening that are simultaneously meditative, challenging, and thought-provoking.

During the performance, the artists will combine their efforts emerging from a space of poetic dialogue, interweaving different bilingual stories and bicultural experiences, deepening our perceptions through text, moving images, and sounds from beyond. As part of ongoing conversations between the three artists, the listening sessions will draw further attention to the political and queering aspects, techno spirituality, and cosmological themes inherent in the installation CACHE/SPIRIT. 

Free admission, reservations and CoronaCheck required.