On assignment for TENT and Showroom MAMA, the art students visited the studios of Rotterdam artists and designers in order to make cinematic and photographic portraits of them. What questions do you ask the artists to get a good representation of who he/she is as a person and as an artist? To what extent does the studio play a role in the photographic portrait of an artist?

Artists Lolo is a Boy, Stijn Berer, Jermick Wawoe, Tessa van der Meeren, Dennis van Vreden, Efrat Zehavi, Luuk Kuipers, Toine Klaassen, Lisette Schumacher, Sjors van Rijsbergen, Jessica van Deursen, Jelena Dolgopol, Ron Amir, Dario Trotorelli, Yoana Buzova and Athena Gronti take part in the project.

On Friday April 3 between 17:00 and 19:00, the public opening of the Frame the Artist will take place at TENT.
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