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1-6: Opening ZOHIER ZOMER. Fotografie door Diana Oliveira. 7-11: Installatiefoto's ZOHIER ZOMER Kinderatelier. Fotografie door Aad Hoogendoorn.


ZOHIER collective has invited more than fifteen artists for you to work with throughout the summer holidays. From making robots to drawing sand patterns and building the ideas house, there is something new to experience almost every day, and you can come back as often as you want. It’s also possible to sit still and look around if that’s what you feel like doing – do whatever you like. Follow TENT Rotterdam on Instagram to stay informed.

On 3, 4 and 5 August, the artists will be in their studio in the south of Rotterdam for their annual summer event, during which time the ZOHIER ZOMER studio at TENT will be partially closed. You are more than welcome to visit Kunstlab at Borneveld 169 in Slinge.


As part of the Youth Holiday Passport, TENT and SOHERE initiated ZOHIER ZOMER. SOHERE collective started in 2016 and is concerned with designing encounters and creating learning environments. In 2017 SOHERE and SKARlokaal started KunstLab, a free walk-in children’s studio in Slinge where a visual dialogue takes place between artists, children and parents, thinkers and doers. The professional and children’s studio are intertwined; everyone contributes according to their role or perspective.