Steph Bayes & Izzy Ramos; Noah Commandeur, Rio Drop, Tugay Adem Kader, Valeria Moro & Múz Spaans; Michel Heen, David Jellema & Ryan Lim Zi Yi; Anne van Ophem & Yunwei Zhang.

The students collaboratively created new work in respons to two running exhibitions at TENT: Boerenzij by artist Wapke Feenstra, and Wild Bet by artist duo Gil & Moti.

Annual collaboration
TENT, the Royal Academy of Art and the Willem de Kooning Academy annually collaborate to realise a 2 month-long project for students.

Project leader for Things Will Change was Adelheid Smit.

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Many thanks to: Karin Arink, Mariana Aboim Fernandes, Yair Callender, Wapke Feenstra, Gil & Moti, het Verhalenhuis and Martijn Verhoeven.