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Leopold Emmen

Nanouk Leopold, Daan Emmen

The films that are brought together at TENT to form a layered installation resulting from a special collaboration with choreographer Meg Stuart and actress Sandra Hüller. Through movement improvisation set on location, they each enact the motif of the end of a relationship and start of a new one. 

Leopold Emmen’s visual film style puts an equal focus on the performing bodies and their surroundings. Subcutaneous emotions surface through tactile interaction, as the characters touch and feel their place amidst the physical properties of the space. Walls, ceiling, floor, curtains and furniture form obstacles, boundaries and voids that confront the characters with the situation and state of mind in which they find themselves. The interiors become mirrors for their inner worlds, surreal and intuitively recognizable at the same time.     

The architectural settings in which Leopold Emmen embed their film scenes, extends the cinematic experience into the space of the viewer. You are invited to move between film scenes and sound fragments; to sharpen your senses on the lines of sight, peculiar spatial proportions, textures and domestic details; and to use the space these dispersed elements leave for the imagination to create your own story.  

This is the Dutch premiere and further development of ‘Another Woman’, a project that Leopold Emmen produced in collaboration with and at the Schauspielhaus Bochum in 2022. 

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Nanouk Leopold, Daan Emmen