The exhibition formed the conclusion to an intensive artistic exchange between artists from Rotterdam and Paramaribo. As part of Paramaribo Perspectives, TENT organised a comprehensive side programme, including film evenings compiled by Karel Doing, a series of debates in collaboration with De Unie and an extensive educational programme. These debates are published in Conversations on Paramaribo Perspectives (2010).

The participating artists were Ken Doorson, Neil Fortune, Sri Irodikromo, Jeroen Jongeleen, Jurgen Lisse, Kurt Nahar, Bas Princen, Ravi Rajcoomar, Dhiradj Ramsamoedj, Arnold Schalks, Otto Snoek, George Struikelblok, Roberto Tjon A Meeuw, Hulya Yilmaz and Mels van Zutphen.

Thanks to Fonds BKVB, CBK Rotterdam, Gemeente Rotterdam dienst Kunst en Cultuur, Hivos NCDO Cultuurfonds, VSBFonds, Rabobank Rotterdam, Kosmopolis Rotterdam, De Unie, ROT(T)TERDAM by ROODKAPJE.