Bookshop TENT

Complimentary to our exhibitions TENT offers a collection of books at the bookshop on our location. We are also active in publishing within different kinds of public programmes.
At our bookshop you will find a fine selection of contemporary art books. Don’t forget to take a look, our hosts will show you where you can find our current collection.

New: now available at our bookshop

‘Dolf Henkes Award 2019 publication’; the four nominees of the Dolf Henkes Award 2019 were all interviewed about their works at the exhibition. Priscila spoke with fellow-artist Sjoerd Westbroek about the function of leisure in modern society. Club Imagine programmer Arie Lengkeek visited Emma in her BlueCity Lab, where they discussed the importance of experimentation and a circular economy.  Roxette Capriles was interviewed by TENT programme maker Gyonne Goedhoop with whom she shared the urgency for different social and cultural divergent experiences. Artist Rory Pilgrim had a conversation with Evelyn as friends, touching upon raw inner feelings, clothing as a second skin, and shape our identity in relation to shifting cultural and social environments.
This publication is bilingual.

Expected at our bookshop in 2019:

‘Where does culture happen?’, a publication in English, TENTxTATE
‘100% Hedendaags Magazine, a dutch publication of 100% Hedendaags.


Photography by: Kristien Daem

  • Where does culture happen?

    € 5,00

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  • 100% Hedendaags Magazine

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  • Uitgelicht: De Dolf Henkes Prijs 2019 – publicatie

    € 1,00

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  • Uitgelicht: Dolf Henkes en Curaçao

    € 19,50

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  • Uitgelicht: TORI – Brian Elstak

    € 20,00

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  • Highlight: The living surface – Lisan Freijsen

    € 28,00

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  • Highlight: The speed of light – Mels van Zutphen

    € 18,00

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