Timetable weekend opening exhibition ‘Who do you think you are?’ released

Friday 28 September is the start of the weekend opening of group exhibition ‘Who do you think you are?’ initiated by singer-songwriter Sabrina Starke. Three years after her last album, Starke makes a comeback with a new album, a clubtour and her own exhibition to celebrate her ten-year jubilee as an artist. She did what she is known for, reaching out for projects around her album that create more layers to it; this time the many dimensions of identity and the search of new defenitions are the point of focus.

Opening exhibition ‘Who do you think you are?’
Friday 28 September
Time: 8.30-10 pm
Tickets: the opening is part of the showcase of her album at Arminius. For more info check: https://bit.ly/2NeLQbX

Neem een loopje met “Sabrina Starke”
Tour by Sabrina  + Acoustic performance
Saturday 29 September
Time: 1-6 pm
Tickets: soon will be released by Rotterdam Festival as a giveaway

Sabrina Starke X HipHopHuis
Beats, Battles & Biographies, hosted by Jiv the Chief
Interaction between people, cultures and continents, wrapped in a battle.
Sunday 30 September
Time: walk in 1pm, start 2 -5 pm
Free entrance