28.04.2017 - 18.00 - 21.00H

TENT Welcomes Nicola Unger

On Friday 28 April, TENT welcomes artist Nicola Unger. At 18:00, Unger presents videosketches of her latest work, Transmission, to the public. For this project, she researched genetic and cultural transmission within generations. Nicola Unger draws on an archive of images of war and peace, everyday life, and DNA. In Transmission she treats the body as a ‘container’ of histories and future generations.

What do we carry within us? What do we transfer? Do we have control over this? Or are we simply puppets to our DNA? These questions are central to Unger’s studies. In her performance, she tests the boundaries of documentary, dance, and animation.

Research conducted in collaboration with Sato Endo, Robin Kollemann, and Judith Schoneveld/Zeebelt. Camera: Bas Noordermeer and Josefien van Kooten.