06.04.2018 - 19.30H

TENT Welcomes: Extra Extra Night

Special live event: Extra Extra celebrates the launch of the 10th edition of its nouveau magazine erotique.

Extra Extra will present an evening at TENT filled with desirable voices from near and afar; bound to stimulate all your senses. Enjoy lingering interviews, which allow you to eavesdrop on intimate conversations; indulge some finger-licking snacks while experiencing the lush ‘Sugar Rush’ performance. Venture further into closeted worlds with Bertrand Mandico’s latest cinematic film Les Garcons Sauvages; be captivated by amusing theatre performances and excite yourself over the erotic short stories by renowned Dutch novelists who will be uncovering stirring encounters and sweltering dreams. All accompanied by compelling playlists, especially created for Extra Extra by Loes Verstappen.

Extra Extra is a multidisciplinary platform exploring eroticism and culture. It celebrates mundane and sensual city life with short stories, visual contributions, and in-depth conversations. Creative minds from many artistic disciplines share the sensual fantasies encountered in their work and personal lives. The contributors take inspiration from scenes and stories in the metro, at office parties, in hotel rooms, in the park, and in our neighbourhoods. Extra Extra works from the premise that sensuality invites connection; it is polyphonic and universal. You are invited to lose yourself in Extra Extra’s blazing imagination of city life – whether fictional or true – and discover how these urban adventures are a true aphrodisiac.

Admission: Free
Language: English
No reservations required