27.08.2017 - 13.00 - 17.00 H

Takeover #3: Outro

13:30-14:30                Walk Katendrecht stories feat. Vincent van Velsen & Unorthadox (meeting point: Deliplein)

15:00-15:30                Screening: Ilja Karilampi
15:30-17:00                Sound Talks feat.Sound Talks with Stacii Samidin, Charlie Koolhaas & Navin Thakoer
17:00-17:30                Spoken Word feat. Benedicta Beyhive and Pelumi Adejumo

“The town that you knew is soon to become a thing of the past/ as socio-economic alchemy takes place right before your eyes” —James Massiah

Outro is a celebratory, chaotic and critical final manifestation of the multidisciplinary project BLUEPRINT: Whose urban appropriation is this? During this Outro, focuses on the urgent issues that artists, architects, poets, hustlers and partners in crime address in their work and practices. How do they (and their artistic practices) relate to the present state of the city? What is the future of counterculture?

With music, voice messages, talks, performances and film by: Navin Thakoer, Vincent van Velsen, Ilja Karilampi & more

Spoken language: ENG