The symposium looks into the relationship between architecture and street culture, and how their power dynamics are expressed in public space, art, and music. With spoken colums, lectures, and panel discussions by architects and tastemakers from the urban arts & culture. With photographer Charlie Koolhaas, writer and musician Kalaf Epalanga (Enchufada Records), architect Afaina de Jong (AFARAI ), DJ DREEA (BCR Berlin), researcher and curator Marina Otero Verzier (Het Nieuwe Instituut), researcher Tamar Shafrir (Het Nieuwe Instituut), urban researcher Adeola Enigbokan (University of Amsterdam), writer and organizer Malique Mohamud (Concrete Blossom), architect Nanne de Ru (Powerhouse Company), fashion designer Marga Weimans and Charlie Clemoes (Failed Architecture).

Spoken language: ENG
Ticket: 8 euro


Adeola Enigbokan introduces the concept of ownership, appropriation & architecture in relation to urban arts and culture Talk: Afaina de Jong gives examples from the concrete jungle of Rotterdam: De Hofbogen Conversation with Afaina de Jong and Adeola Enigbokan. Moderated by Michiel van Iersel Talk with Charlie Koolhaas, Kalaf Eplanga Kizomba and city politics Talk: Marga Weimans and fashion performance A conversation with Charlie Koolhaas, Kalaf & Marga Weimans about fashion, music, architecture & representation of the self, moderated by Amal Alhaag Sound performance by DJ DREEA Marina Oterro What does the future look like in the face of gentrification? Lecture: Nanne de Ru Lecture: Failed Architecture Conversation: Sounds, Cities & Ownership with DREEA, Failed Architecture & Nanne de Ru Debate: Whose Urban Appropriation is this moderated by Malique Mohamud