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Photo by Aad Hoogendoorn

Alma Noor will be in conversation with Ada M. Patterson and DYKEHAUS, iconic Rotterdam DJ and music producer. The conversation will close with a solid glorious DJ set by DYKEHAUS.

Free admission

About the artists
Ada M. Patterson (Bridgetown, 1994), nominee of the Dolf Henkes Prize 2023, is a visual artist, writer and educator based between Barbados, London and Rotterdam. She works with masquerade, textiles, performance, video and poetry, telling new stories or rethinking old stories in new recuperative ways. Trying to account for the complexities of bodies otherwise unaccounted for, bodies queered by crisis, bodies named invisible, dispensable or ungrievable, bodies confronted with the very real material conditions of a world not built for their survival, her ongoing work hopes to imagine elegies for bodies and moments always already out of time.

XTRADIOL is a meditation into the sound of transess & the transness of sound. Alma & her guests will try to figure out how our sounds and the sounds of others shape our lives. Alma Noor is an Egyptian-born and Amsterdam-bound transfemme jackie of all trades: dj, producer, radio host, cofounder of the Los Angles Collective and founder of Don’t Go We’ll Fund Them. As a being in transition, she’s always interested in the degradability of her origins and the ephemerality of her future & being at the intersection of several marginalized communities where archiving is overlooked, her artistic and life practice are dedicated to documenting, celebrating and protecting her experience and those who might share a similar one.

Hailing from Rotterdam, a city renowned for its cutting-edge electronic music culture, DYKEHAUS was nurtured by the city’s underground scene. His journey began as a young enthusiastic artist exploring the depths of the art scene, and it didn’t take long for him to become captivated by the art of DJing and music production. His unwavering commitment to up-tempo beats and a *elentless pursuit of shattering bass are imprinted in his music. Rotterdam’s influence is imprinted in his music, driving him to constantly experiment to translate his experiences into a musical journey.