Sleep is an elusive activity in which reality and reason are abandoned. Can we see the associative stream of images triggered in our subconscious at night as a source of wisdom? According to BVDS, it could well be the key to the next step in the transformation process of man and her place on this earth. Inspired by ritual sleeping temples, the ceremony is a rite of passage from an old patriarchal society, in which we have lost touch with our bodies and our surroundings. The visitor’s exploration is mainly inward, towards a dreamed reality.

The texts of the sleep ceremonies are inspired by various public hypnosis sessions on YouTube, the death contemplations from Tibetan Buddhism and various scientific studies on Ancient Greek sleep temple rituals, among others. In addition, the ceremonies include text excerpts by Saskia de Jong.

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Language: English
Location: TENT

Concept & direction Suzan Boogaerdt & Bianca van der Schoot
Design Lotte Goos
Sound design Remco de Jong & Florentijn Boddendijk
Light design Theun Mosk
Performance Klara Alexova, Niels Kuiters & Dennis Tiecken
Costumes & Dolls Karin van der Leeuw, Erik Bosman & Sara Hakkenberg
Props Tamar Stalenhoef
Executive producer Siemen van der Werf | Ruimtetijd