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Photo by Aad Hoogendoorn.

Your native language and pronunciation can reveal your origins. By The Throat shows how voice, language, and pronunciation are still used worldwide to mark such boundaries. Artist duo Effi & Amir’s film introduces individuals navigating these borders of identification, including a young Iraqi talking about being on the streets of Bagdad learning to get through checkpoints run by ethnic militias during civil war. An Albanian call-centre agent is instructed to impersonate a German-Italian accent to sell fraudulent financial services to German clients. A Tibetan refugee is subjected to accent and dialect recognition software to determine wheter he is legitimately seeking asylum in Switzerland. Effi & Amir’s mix of filmed testemonies, found footage, YoTube videos, and medical imagery reveal the invisible borders we carry inside our mouths.

Practical information
Free admission
Film duration: 78 min
Screening start time: 19:00 pm


Courtesy the artists and Centre de l’Audiovisuel a Bruxelles. Produced by La Chose a Trois Jambes, in co-production with Centre de l’Audiovisuel a Bruxelles.