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Courtesy Viviane Sassen

The program includes a special lecture with American feminist historian and writer Max Dashu, an expert since the 1970s on the origins of patriarchy and subversive female iconography. Repairing the damaged clothing that you will bring functions as a symbolic act of fixing, or supplementing, the holes in history. It is also an act of resistance; by practicing slowing down, we oppose the capitalist principles of work discipline and exploitation; of textiles, raw materials and women and other marginalised people.

The program takes place on Saturday November 12, from 7PM until 10PM, and Sunday November 13, from 10AM until 1PM. On Saturday evening, we will repair the damaged clothing you will bring, and a ritual by Revé will take place. On Sunday, we will learn how to spin thread using a drop spindle, and Elia will get us moving. Although the two days connect, you can either attend one or both.

Feminist Needlework
The Feministische Handwerk Partij (Feminist Needlework Party) encourages embodied discourse by combining studying and repairing. During Repairing Goddesses, studying means listening to lectures together about needlework, it’s marginalised history and women.* For example, spinning thread was central to pre-Christian and pagan religions. The program pays special attention to passing on the hand-based knowledge of thread-spinning and learning about how its transformative ability relates to powerful ancient goddesses and witches.

Wild hair in motion
Besides slowing down and needlework, we offer various movement rituals. Amsterdam-based choreographer and energy coach Revé Terborg invites you to an energising ritual, and Elia Vitadamo from the Amenti dance company in Rotterdam takes you through the movements of modern witchcraft.


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* This event is aimed at people who identify as female, non-binary, in transition or male. We cordially invite everyone to participate and delve into needlework, it’s history, patriarchy and emancipation.

Dates: Saturday November 12, 7PM to 10PM ; Sunday November 13, 10AM to 1PM
Reservation mandatory: please email Renske,, to register and provide your first and last name
Since places are limited, we shall either confirm your reservation or put you on the waiting list
Language: NL & ENG
Price: €5 per day, payable at TENT
Location: TENT, Witte de Withstraat 50, Rotterdam