This year’s jury consisting of  Reyn van der Lugt (art collector and curator), Gil & Moti (artists,  winners MK Award 2015), Adriana Gonzalez Hulshof (founding director Amsterdam Art Weekend), Berry Koedam (director RAM Gallery and RAM Foundation) and Vincent van Velzen (art historian and  critic a.o. Metropolis M, curator) announces the winner.

About the MK Award
The MK Award stimulates and celebrates visual artists that are working consistently to create an idiosyncratic oeuvre, keeping away from any hypes-of-the-day. The MK Award Foundation pays homage to the creative legacy of gallery owners Emmo Grofsmid (1951-2011) and Karmin Kartowikromo (1948-2011) of the former MKgallery Rotterdam/Berlin.
Like them, the MK Award extends confidence and trust to visual artists. It’s all about the development of the visual arts, as well as about the position artists take up within the arts, and about her/his role for society at large.