For this sixth edition of the Poetry + Art Gallery Tour, Poetry International, together with Rotterdam galleries and art institutions, presents a tour of artworks at the intersection of poetry and visual art. Meandering through Rotterdam, the tours encounter several installations, paintings, illustrations, and language experiments by renowned artists and upcoming talents. At the venues, the exhibitions are complemented by poetry readings and performances. At TENT, there are recitals by Mookie Katigbak, Cheri  + Jefferson, and the newly announced winner of the C’Buddingh Prize for the best debut in Dutch-language poetry.

In the poetry of Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta (the Philippines, 1980) the sentences strive to both strengthen and question each other. Katigbak’s language traces the uncertainties of human relationships in a style that is resolute, powerful, and distinct.

Cheri  + Jefferson are a spoken word duo. Cheri  likes to get audiences thinking, sketching raw images of reality with beautiful locution. Jefferson da Veiga is a musician who performs poetry under the name Pilly Serson. Jefferson’s poetry investigates the workings of power relations through questioning the controlling factors of a given situation.