In dialogue with the exhibition Motion, Labor, Machinery, the event serves as a site from where to share and test the workshop’s most immediate and potential conclusions in their most fragile estate. The public is invited to come celebrate and share that which has just been put together, hands-on, without even allowing time for reflection. Chance, error and improvisation will servce as knowledge tools, and direct action as means of transmission and dialogue with the spectators.

Participating students: Alexandra Zalivako, Berk Duygun, Brigitte Louter, Constantijn Scholten, Dafni Trikatsoula, Emma Johansson, Foteini Makri, Gideon Oosten, Pilvi Ijäs, Heleen Boeken, Huilin Shi, Ioana Ciora, Janne Schipper, Jihyun Baek, Julia Olaussen, Laila van Berge, Leo Dillerop, Leonie Schneider, Lucas van Eeden, Luuk Kuipers, Natalia Jordanova, Nikki Selser, Oscar Juul-Sorensen, Rafael Vasilyev, Reneé van Hagen, Rory van Wingerden, Sam Andrea, Saule Vaivilaviciute, Shani Leseman, Siem Beets, Sophia Wester, Jan Steenman, Tina Jeranko, Trijntje Noske, Valters Palaps, Wiebe Ruitinga, Yukari Nakamichi.