24.1 t/m 2.2.2020
With this immersive installation the Quay Brothers introduce a number of scenes and motifs from their forthcoming project: a feature film, based on Bruno Schulz’s novel Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglas (1937) by Polish author Bruno Schultz. His Sanatorium is a floating world halfway between sleep and wakefulness, in a morbid ambiguity of time that cannot be measured by clocks. Stephen and Timothy QUAY (1947, USA) were educated in film and illustration at the art academy in Philadelphia and then the Royal College of Art in London. Since the 1970s, they’ve been building on a dark, enigmatic oeuvre encompassing stop-motion films, but which also includes drawings, set designs and diorama boxes. Reflected in all these works is the brothers’ fascination for 20th-century Central and Eastern European culture.

New Neapolis, film and exhibition
24.1 t/m 29.3.2020
In times of individualism and hollow populism, artist and city philosopher Gyz La Rivière goes in search of collectivity. New Neapolis is a declaration of love for a new European city that can arise when four port cities – Rotterdam, Liverpool, Marseille and Naples – forge an alliance. Artist Gyz La Rivière’s unparalleled exhibition and docufiction manifest the connections these cities have always shared, with their sailor towns, quays and alleyways; migrants, workers and crooks; poverty, friction and vibrant informal economies; and the frantic attempts to clean up all of this through urban renewal, gentrification and lots of soap. What can we learn from this civic alliance? What forms of kinship and solidarity for a future Europe can arise here? Welcome to New Neapolis, divercity.

Première, 24.1, 17.00, LantarenVenster zaal 1, IFFR Rotterdamdag
Tentoonstelling, 24.1, v.a.17.30. Filmvertoning start om 19.00, TENT Rotterdam