In ‘No You won’t Be Naming no Buildings after Me’, guest curator Vincent van Velsen investigates, in collaboration with an international group of artists, modes of commemoration and embodied legacies. Monuments, street names and official holidays represent a limited and often problematic perspective on histories and people that should not be forgotten. This exhibition questions formal expressions of commemoration and explores different methods of keeping memories alive.

The artists unearth personal histories of vulnerability and resilience, through gesture, music, language, textile, visual documents, and material traces. Throughout, the body plays a prominent role, both as a medium for embodied memories and a vigorous beacon for legacies lived.

The exhibition features a series of live events, with performances by Alexis Blake, Quinsy Gario & Glenda Martinus, and Bert Scholten; artist talks with Uriel Orlow and Pieter Paul Pothoven.

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In conjunction with the exhibition, online magazine Vers Beton will publish a series of interviews. Different voices from Rotterdam take us to city places entwined both with personal memories and the events they would like remembered.

Music by Yung Feurich. Free admission.
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