02.04.2017 - 14:00H

Take a walk with… Giuseppe Licari

On Sunday afternoon 2 April at 14:00h visual artist Giuseppe Licari gives a tour through his solo exhibition Schlak in TENT. Schlak is the latest chapter in Giuseppe Licari’s research into the relationship between man and nature. In one of the most important raw-material producing areas of the European steel industry, like a geologist Licari collected the stones that remain as a residue after the iron is smelted at 1535˚C. Licari shows his slag stone collection alongside images that evidence how human activity has created a whole new geological layer.

During this tour Licari explains his work in a personal way with anecdotes and little d-tours to his previous work. There is enough time and space for questions and afterwards there is coffee and tea.

Entrance: free. Language: English