Grijs gebied
Ongoing, 20.30 – 22.30 hrs
Spraakuhloos, the nomadic performance platform from Rotterdam, presents ‘Grijs Gebied’, a night with ongoing performances from four upcoming Rotterdam artists:
– Amanda Almeida, singer/songwriter
– Anahi, harpist
– Ivan Words, spoken word
– Kaoutar Gadir, singer and guitarist

In a World We Can’t See is a group exhibition in which each of the four artists’ singular approach to lens-based practices touches upon a deeper reality behind our immediate actuality. By exploying the surreal atmosphere and logic of magical-realist narratives, memories, and dreams, they evoke a collective subconsciousness that lies dormant beneath the surface of everyday life, probe for existential human fears and desires, and explore potential alternative realities.
The starting point of Margot Onnes’ All Along the Watchtower is the famous, eponymous song from the 1960s, in which Bob Dylan, with biblical and mythical imagery, evokes the atmosphere of imminent doom prevailing at the time. Arthur Kleinjan presents Above Us Only Sky, a new large-scale video triptych. A narrator leads us into a magical-realist history that is bereft of fabrication. Ine Lamers shows her ongoing project about Zheleznogorsk, a Siberian town established during the Cold War to secretly produce plutonium and missiles. Anoek Steketee presents Love Radio, a project about social trauma and the role of media.

Rotterdam Cultural Histories #13: The Temporary Autonomous Bureau focuses on the Poortgebouw, a community and cultural organisation that emerged from Rotterdam’s rich history of squatted buildings.

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