Arie Lengkeek: Operatie Wooncoöperatie
Community homeownership could be a breath of fresh air in the Dutch housing market. Cities such as Munich, Zurich and Vienna explicitly facilitate this model to keep the city affordable and safe from speculators. Why is this model having such difficulty gaining a foothold in the Netherlands? Arie Lengkeek previews his book Operatie Wooncoöperatie (Operation Residential Cooperative), which Trancity/Valiz will publish at the end of 2021.

IEWAN: Het Kan Wel!
Hanneke Beld and Mare Nynke Zijlstra of Bureau Viertel are the initiators of IEWAN in Lent, the first straw-clay residential building in the Netherlands. This social housing is built under their management, according to their plan, and for social rental prices. Bureau Viertel provides hands-on advice and workshops to future cooperative builders based on their experiences with IEWAN. Het Kan Wel! (It ís possible!) is the motto of IEWAN in Lent. The frustrated De Wielewaal neighbourhood in Rotterdam also uses this motto, and it has also completed plans for a cooperative with social housing. However, they are still waiting for a Supreme Court ruling on the legitimacy of the sale of their neighbourhood by Woonstad to project developer BPD/Rabobank.

Fucking Good Art
Robert Hamelijnck and Nienke Terpsma’s Fucking Good Art is an editorial project focusing on oral histories, countercultures, self-organisation and Do It Together. Previous research into the Swiss tradition of housing cooperatives inspired their current investigations in their home city of Rotterdam. Despite the 2015 Housing Act and the Rotterdam Cooperative Housing Action Plan of 2019, collective and self-organised forms of housing are not gaining ground here.

In Shared Space, the joint exhibition space of TENT and Kunstinstituut Melly, FGA presents plans, visions, the Housing Acts from 1901 and 2015, activism, and 64 points for “a wide range of spatial quality” and “joyful-dwelling associations” from Jaap Bakema’s inspiring 1971 manifesto. Between March and September, an extensive archive was published on the back of a building billboard. This archive detailed the discourse that developed in the national newspapers about the housing crisis in the Netherlands.

Radio and Podcasts
Would you like to know more about Fucking Good Art’s long-term project? During this closing weekend, TENT Online shall also launch the first podcasts of the FGA radio reports on the housing crisis and the resistance to it. The podcasts are taken from live broadcasts, which began in February, on RADIO WORM Open City Live.
You can also listen back to the Kunstavond Radio edition here.

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Special thanks to TENT, WORM, Joke van der Zwaard (Leeszaal West), Recht op de Stad, and Jaap van Triest.

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