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1: Angeliki Diakrousi. 2: Dennis de Bel. 3: Alex Roidl.

Starting out from Angeliki’s installation in the exhibition There is no party so noisy as the one you’re not invited to, the tour will take participants to different public locations, where the Mosquito device is or was installed in the city. The artist invites participants to hang out in those spaces, listen to their soundscapes, find out more about them, share their experiences through her ‘Hunting Mosquitos’ app, and discuss desirable forms of cohabitation in the city.


Practical information
Time table:
The tour starts at TENT’s front office at 18.00 pm and last approximately 90 minutes.
18:20-18:40 PM, 1st  location Maritiem Museum
18:40-19:30 PM, 2nd  location Oosterkade
19:30 PM, end
Reservations: Required via ticketlink below. Tickets costs 1,00 euro per person.
Tip: Please dress for the weather.

The exhibitions are free to visit on this day between 6pm and 11pm during De Kunstavond XL (Art Evening).