Programme Friday 25 june
Kunstinstituut Melly presents: In collaboration with artist Giovanni Maisto Ferreira and Het Nieuwe Instituut, Kunstinstituut Melly presents a two-part event around Touch’M, Ferreira’s short film. In this first part, our collective learning fellow Aqueene Wilson talks to Ferreira about his work, process, and how he maintains his well-being and mental health. After the talk, Touch’M will be officially premiered.

V2_ presents the third episode in a series of three, investigating the role of Radio as a medium for artistic expression and experimentation. In each episode, we invite an artist to share an artwork made for radio and then engage in an informal talk about how & why radio is a great medium for art. The artist for this edition is Mint Park.


Kun­st­block is the name for the col­lab­o­ra­tion of the art in­sti­tutes in the Rot­ter­dam Art Quar­ter: CBK RotterdamMAMATENTV2_Kunstinstituut Melly and WORM.