The conversation events are learning sessions for all involved where the angle is to learn from each other. On Thursday the 10th of November, Milica Trakilović will also be present, adding an extra voice from her own expertise. Trakilović is an Assistant Professor at the Graduate Gender Programme in Utrecht University’s Department of Media and Culture Studies. Her research interests focus on postcolonial and postsocialist transitions and issues of European nationhood and belonging, as well as visual culture and feminist art practice.


About Maja Bekan
Interested in self-organisation and self-empowerment, Maja Bekan stages situations for individuals to form temporary collectives. By sharing time, they find ways to connect across different life paths and societal divisions. The audience is invited into this open-ended process through improvised live gatherings as well as filmic impressions.


Date: Thursday 10 november, 17:00-19:00 pm
Invited speaker: Milica Trakilović
Reservations required: send an e-mail to
Free admission