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Photos by Aad Hoogendoorn

With guest speakers Anton Vrede, pigeon lady Aash (duivenvrouwtje010) and moderator Jeanine van Berkel, he draws a broader conversation. Following in the footsteps of Frings’ still lifes, the speakers further discuss the role and importance of animals in the work of the individual speakers.

Free admission
Language — Dutch

This programme will take place in the auditorium on the first floor

Bert Frings
Bert Frings makes drawings and paintings, in which still life is often the starting point. The work reflects consumer society and the human trait of placing oneself above nature. Using small everyday things, he says something about (the behaviour of) people, without actually depicting it.

Aash Sital
Aash Sital, also known as the pigeon lady of Rotterdam, is committed to the welfare of and for pigeons and has now saved more than 900+ string foot pigeons from disability. According to her, it is high time we adjust the image and perceptions of the pigeon and see who these animals really are, and that they deserve nothing but compassion.

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Anton Vrede
Anton Vrede is a visual artist in search of movement and change. He starts from the drawing. Those drawings lead him to images. His subject is often man versus animal. Confrontational are developments on the climate and the influence the economy has on our lives as humans. He places signs and symbols into recognisable representations, often resulting in a surrealist absurdism. He is currently artist in residence at Verhalenhuis Belvédère Rotterdam.

Jeanine van Berkel
Jeanine van Berkel is a graphic designer, writer and moderator. As a designer, she is making based on feeling and intuition, simultaneously questioning what graphic design is and can be more. As a writer, she is engaged in her ongoing research and narrative about the semi-forgotten memory of herself, and the (un)known history of her various motherlands in order to discover what silence looks like. She also sometimes transforms herself into a podcast host or moderator.